Climate Change Advocacy through the Arts: The IMCC Kapagintaw Ethno-Rock

  • Reynaldo Openiano Mancia
  • Helen Sumagang Tejero Iligan Medical Center College


Abstract. Climate scientists have stated that humans are responsible for causing global warming and climate change, subjecting people to hazards, disasters and extreme shortages of basic needs such as food, water and shelter. Art has a unique way of stimulating people to think and feel about the impacts of climate change. This case study describes how the Kapagintaw Ethno-Rock Band of Iligan Medical Center College held lecture-concerts on climate change around major places in Mindanao, using traditional music and dance, while getting people to participate in the discussions on climate change and move them into action. Most of the music they played was of their own original compositions and of local artists. As a result, the community became motivated to get involved in climate change advocacy and in projects in connection with climate change.