Wish to WISHCRAFT: A Peek into an Environmentally Friendly School

  • Prema Gaikwad Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies
  • Blessing Obaya Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies


Mother earth is groaning harder than ever before due to the increasing environmental problems. Air and water pollution, waste mismanagement, and global warming are only few of the items in a long list of environmental problems contributing to this alarming state. The typical belief among citizens of developing countries is that these environmental issues are the responsibilities of various organizations be it NGOs, or governments. However, there are examples, though few and far between, of individuals and schools taking charge and making a positive difference in healing mother earth through their innovative environmental stewardship efforts. This qualitative case research probes WISHCRAFT, the recycling project of a private school in the Philippines that does not only help heal the earth, but also provides opportunities for quality education of its less privileged students.