Promises and Dilemmas of Participation in Environmental Projects: Narratives from the Young People of Ilocos Norte

  • Aris Reynold V. Cajigal Mariano Marcos State University
  • Fortune Rhodora R. Baoit San Nicolas National High School
  • Nathan D. Maruquin Sta. Maria Elementary School
  • Princess Jie R. Muska Sta. Rosa National High School
  • Faith Cristy B. Velasco Pallas Integrated School
  • Mharen Joy F. Ventura St. Andrew Academy
Keywords: environmentalism, young people, narrative, environmental science, Ilocos Norte, Region 1, Philippines, Asia, students, teachers


The battle cry among environmentally-conscious individuals exerts great influence among the youth. This paper elaborates the perspectives and experiences of the youth in pursuing environmental projects. Anchored on Stern, Dietz, Abel, Guagnano, and Kalof’s (1999) value-belief-norm theory for social movement, we examined how youth participation poses excitement and anxiety, most specifically among students. The narrative inquiry, which includes in- depth semi-structured interviews, observations, and document analysis, was used to obtain rich data from three individuals who are active members of an environment-conscious youth organization in Ilocos Norte. The findings were analyzed and organized into narratives. The promises of youth participation include the existence of a vibrant and active youth organization in the province, full government support, and fulfillment of an intergenerational responsibility. The dilemmas include time constraints, conflict with schooling, and decreasing interest. Other interesting themes were also noted. It is recommended that young people participate in social movements on environmentalism.