Financial Empowerment Intervention: Passing on Social Responsibility

  • Apolonio I. Machica, Jr. Eastern Samar State University
  • Agnesia A. Machica College of Agriculture and Allied Sciences
  • Tirso A. Morante Eastern Samar State University
Keywords: Financial empowerment, social responsibility, accountability, case study, qualitative research, Philippines


Empowerment is an expression of social responsibility. Conducting seminars with the goal to orient and imbue the clienteles with the correct behavior and attitude demonstrates social responsibility. Anchored on the empowerment theory and the social responsibility principle of accountability, this case study explored the consequences of passing on social responsibility through conducting financial empowerment seminars. First-hand data elicited through personal interviews from eight teacher-participants who religiously completed the empowerment seminars were saved in electronic recorder, transcribed verbatim, analyzed, and triangulated with reliable information in conjunction with the study themes. The findings revealed that through the financial empowerment seminars, the faculty members of the graduate studies department of a university were able to pass on social responsibility to the department of education teachers. In reciprocity, the department of education teachers passed on the same social responsibility to the students and the community. Findings further revealed that financial empowerment seminars were important in transforming the desirable financial management behavior and attitude of the teacher-participants, students, and parents.