Transfer of Training: A Case Study on Beginning Teachers’ Implementation of Teaching Processes

  • Donie Ver Medalla Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies
Keywords: transfer of training, training model, beginning teachers, teaching processes, induction program, professional development, pre-service, in-service, Philippines, case study, qualitative research, specialized training


Beginning teachers (BTs) often undergo additional training upon hiring to compensate for their lack of teaching experience. This study focused on 6 BTs from a multicultural elementary school in the Philippines who had undergone (upon hiring) a specialized training using Joyce and Showers’ (2002) training model to implement techniques, structures, and strategies as introduced by Green and Henriquez-Green (2008). Anchored on Bandura's (1993) social- cognitive learning theory and Knowles' (1984) adult learning theory (andragogy), this qualitative case study examined their challenges and major concerns in the implementation of teaching processes and the impact of the specialized training to the participants as BTs. The findings indicated a few things including the following: (a) Using the training model, the training providers ensured the transfer of training, enabling BTs to immediately implement the skills they had learned from the training to their classroom practice. (b) Applying the techniques, structures, and strategies in their classrooms helped the participants cope with the challenges BTs would usually face in their first year of teaching. Overall, the training model for professional development by Joyce and Showers (2002) with the techniques, structures, and strategies introduced by Green and Henriquez-Green (2008) can be a viable component for BTs professional development to ensure the transfer of training.