Rethinking Triangulation: The Axial Model


  • Yaroslav Ovdiyenko Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies


triangulation, axial triangulation, matrix, axial triangulation model, triangulation maximum, textual interview, textual observation, research credibility, research trustworthiness


Triangulation has been under a scrutinizing discussion for the last six decades. The dialog was drawn upon different argumentations and beliefs. However, in spite of various attempts to understand the nature and functionality of triangulation, some scholars agree that there is "a blank in the triangulation discourse and practice" (Denzin & Lincoln, 2018, p. 799). In other words, there is a need for "a clearer definition of when triangulation is indicated" (Denzin & Lincoln, 2018, p. 799). This theoretical paper does not claim to be an exhaustive answer for the indicated issue. Instead, it aims to contribute to the existing discussion by presenting an alternative conceptualization of the idea of triangulation using the concept synthesis methodology. This article starts with the biblical and philosophical considerations of triangulation. Then it proceeds with the construction of the axial triangulation matrix and, finally, the axial triangulation model.

Author Biography

  • Yaroslav Ovdiyenko, Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies

    PhD Student, Education, Curriculum and Instruction
    Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies
    Silang, Philippines




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