Give Hope and Transform Lives: A Narrative Inquiry of a Janitor- Turned-Teacher


  • Renato C. Sagayno University of Cebu


Vision statement, giving hope, transforming lives, teacher education, Central Visayas, Philippines, Southeast Asia, narrative inquiry


Education is an essential factor that can help improve one’s quality of life. This study explored the experiences of a widow who used to work as a school janitor but eventually became a classroom teacher. This janitor-turned-teacher exemplified the vision of a university in Cebu City, Philippines in providing affordable quality education, giving hope, and transforming lives. In spite of the aggressive comments of the people around her, she never gave up her dream of finding a better place in the society. Alderfer’s (1969) growth needs, relatedness, and existence theory; Deci and Ryan’s (1985) selfdetermination theory; and McClelland’s (1961) acquired needs theory are instrumental in analyzing the experiences of the participant leading to her transformation. Based on Polkinghorne’s paradigmatic mode of analysis, themes were extracted from the participant’s written essay, personal interview, and field notes. Since the participant of this study has become a paragon of social mobility, her story may inspire others in society to live a life with a purpose.

Author Biography

  • Renato C. Sagayno, University of Cebu

    Research Director
    University of Cebu – Main Campus
    Cebu City, Philippines




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Give Hope and Transform Lives: A Narrative Inquiry of a Janitor- Turned-Teacher. (2018). International Forum Journal, 21(2), 77-92.