Deconstructing Myths in Quantitative Research


  • John Wesley Taylor V Seventh - day Adventist Education System


research, quantitative research, myth, interpretation, sample size, statistical significance, conclusions, overgeneralization, causation, inclusive results, proof


A myth can denote a prevalent but erroneous idea or belief. This article examines nine of these beliefs within quantitative research, that although popular, are ultimately misconceptions. Beyond highlighting the fallacy of the myth, positions are proposed in each case that align more closely with a scientific approach to research.

Author Biography

  • John Wesley Taylor V, Seventh - day Adventist Education System

    Associate Director of the Seventh-day Adventist Education System

    General Conference, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA




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Deconstructing Myths in Quantitative Research. (2021). International Forum Journal, 24(1), 5-24.

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