Developing a Holistic Lifestyle Curriculum Model: A Case Study in Zimbabwe


  • Chipo Gwizo Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies


lifestyle, holistic, case study, university students, curriculum model, innovation configuration map, Matabeleland North, Africa, Zimbabwe


Lifestyle plays an essential role in ones’ wellbeing. The existing studies on lifestyle lack a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle among university students in Zimbabwe. A qualitative case study was conducted to discover the lifestyle practices of university students and create a lifestyle curriculum model. Concerns-based adoption model guided this study. Data was collected through in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, observations, and document analysis. Saldana’s model was used for data analysis. Most of the university support systems promoted a healthy lifestyle. However, some physical facilities needed upgrading to enhance the holistic healthy lifestyle of students. The results of this study showed the need for improving academic programs and practices, improving cafeteria services, offering a variety of physical activities, enhancing social, and enriching spiritual activities. Data obtained from the participants resulted in a holistic lifestyle curriculum model using the innovation configuration map.




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Developing a Holistic Lifestyle Curriculum Model: A Case Study in Zimbabwe. (2021). International Forum Journal, 24(1), 102-128.

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