Breakfast for Academic Performance


  • Gary Hullquist


Breakfast has long been shown to be an important part of a healthy lifestyle. But recent changes in society find ever larger numbers of individuals choosing not to eat in the morning. Studies show connections between breakfast eating and various aspects of brain function, lowered abdominal fat, and behavior, though not all studies show significant differences. Reasons for not eating include a lack of time, appetite, and attempts to lose weight. A typical breakfast is high in fat, calories, and carbohydrates, but a healthy breakfast should be more balanced, containing more fiber, nuts, and whole foods, and less dairy, caffeine, fats, and sugars.

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  • Gary Hullquist

    J. A. Thomas & Associates
    Atlanta, Georgia




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Breakfast for Academic Performance. (2010). International Forum Journal, 13(1), 5-19.

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