Ethics in Qualitative Research: A Practical Guide


  • Safary Wa-Mbaleka Adventist University of Africa


qualitative research, ethics, ethical considerations, data collection, data analysis, data interpretation


Qualitative research continues to grow around the world. More and more scholars and institutions of higher education continue to embrace it. Publications must continue to be on practical ways of conducting qualitative research in general and conducting it especially ethically. This paper is focused primarily on practical ways of enhancing ethical practices in qualitative research. While many qualitative research books and articles discuss ethical considerations, it is good to have a paper that synthesizes effective strategies to enhance ethics in a much more practical way. This paper goes from the definition of ethics to the importance of ethical practices and to the implementation of practical considerations before, during, and after data collection in qualitative research. This paper is not meant to be exhaustive; however, it should be a good guide for qualitative researchers who wish to avail of practical strategies for good ethical practices.

Author Biography

  • Safary Wa-Mbaleka, Adventist University of Africa

    EdD, PhD
    Associate Professor, Adventist University of Africa
    Nairobi, Kenya




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Ethics in Qualitative Research: A Practical Guide. (2019). International Forum Journal, 22(2), 116-132.

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